about hotyogaon20th - AboutAs a teenager, our founder Henry J. Dinh became interested in sports. He took basketball and swimming lessons, and trained for years in his hometown gym, developing wonderful climbing skills.

One day, he decided that he should simplify his life and focus on one activity since it was consuming all his time. He decided on climbing. Thanks to his remarkable skills and the ease he had to climb rocks of any kind, Henry opened his climbing school.

Most of his clients were tourists. He used to take people from all over the world to climb the most impressive routes in his city. One day, he gave classes to some English people who lived in India. They, grateful towards him for his cordiality, invited him to travel around India.

Henry ventured and spent several weeks there. From the first day he arrived in India, his whole life changed completely. He discovered yoga; an ancient technique taught by Hindu yogis who taught him everything. From maintaining a proper diet to the art of meditation and even the most complicated yoga positions.

Fascinated by it all, yoga became his new lifestyle.

When he returned to his home country, he gave up climbing and opened a yoga school. At this school, he now spends most of his days teaching children and adults of all ages the art of meditation and yoga. He trained several teachers who today teach together with him.

His passion for yoga is endless. Just as he teaches every day in his school, he decided to create Hot Yoga on 20th. A blog where people from all over the world can read about his life-changing experience and teach how to live in a fuller and healthier way through yoga.

For Henry J. Dihn, life has no meaning if we don’t live life through sharing knowledge and new experiences.