Hot Yoga on 20th

Dallas Kruszelnicki - Director of Teacher Training

DallasDallas was the original owner and builder of Hot Yoga on 20th. From 2000 until 2009, Dallas has spent traveling the world teaching hot yoga and managing yoga studios. He chose to make Saskatoon his home in 2008 to be closer to his
family, and open Saskatoon’s first hot yoga studio.

Dallas says “I have a compassionate approach to teaching. After breaking many bones skateboarding and snowboarding and falling out of moving vehicles I was a broken person at 26. Yoga reversed the damage I had done to my body and gave me the direction to show others how to do this for themselves. You will be able to see huge benefits from this yoga in as little as a month of steady practice. Try starting out with three or four classes a week and feel the difference it makes to your body, your mind and your life as a whole.”


Dallas has been trained to teach Hatha Yoga by Bikram Choudhury, Emmy Cleaves and Rajashri Choudhury. He has also taken Scaravelli Yoga training courses with Marc Woolford and John Stirk. Dallas has undergone extensive Pranayama training with Acharya Sankkarji, and Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson.

Work History

  • - Started his yoga career as manager of Vancouver’s first hot yoga studio ‘Bikram’s Yoga College of India - Kitsilano’
  • - After completion of Bikram 700 hour residential training in California he taught hot yoga in Vancouver
  • - Moved to Hong Kong as a teacher in the first hot yoga studio there ‘Pure Yoga’
  • - Moved to the UK to open his own studio in Brighton ‘YogaHaven’. Dallas sold the business in 2008 and it is still thriving, with 4 new branches opened in Birmingham and London. YogaHaven was the first studio in the UK to offer hot yoga teacher training.

Miguel De Lucas Sintes - Studio Owner



Miguel started life in Spain and had an extensive career in commercial kitchens at a few of Saskatoon's best restaurants. Having his first yoga class here at Hot Yoga on 20th in 2009, he has spent the last ten years practicing and evolving his passion for yoga. In the spring of 2018, Miguel spent 7 weeks at an intensive Ashtanga training in southern India, as well as doing the Hot 26 training with Dallas in the summer heat of Palm Springs CA. Miguel is a friendly and approachable teacher with a passion for Hot Yoga because of the many benefits the practice brings. After surgeries to his knees for miniscus tears, he found the Hot 26 class was the most restorative work for helping to heal the injuries of an active life. The classes Miguel teaches have enthusiasm and great pacing, continuing the quality of Hatha Yoga expected at Hot Yoga on 20th.


Adrian Taylor

Adrian has been practicing yoga for over twelve years. What began as a supplement to her active lifestyle has increased it's significance in her life. The benefits of yoga, physical and mental, have inspired her to share her practice with others. Adrian completed her 200 hour RYT (registered yoga teacher) training in July of 2014 at Hot Yoga on 20th. She completed a 40 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher certificate with Namaskar Yoga in April 2014, a 31 hour vinyasa training with Clara Roberts-Oss in October 2014, and continues to seek training to deepen her knowledge of yoga. Adrian has experienced and enjoyed many styles of yoga, and teaches yin, prenatal, vinyasa and hatha styles as well as hot yoga. With a focus on breath and body awareness, Adrian guides her classes with sincerity





Amanda Plante

EmilyAmanda is Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She completed hot yoga teacher training with Dallas in 2010 and through Namaskar Yoga with Kathleen Podiluk in 2011. Amanda has also completed pre/postnatal yoga teacher training with Clare Newman of Mamata Yoga. Inspired by her two homeschooled children, Amanda enjoys offering family yoga classes to help spark an interest and enthusiasm for yoga and to engage young children in physical activity through yoga. Amanda holds a BSc (Biology) and MSc (Toxicology) and works at the University of Saskatchewan, where she also teaches yoga at the PAC. When she's not practicing or teaching yoga, Amanda can be found cycling, wall climbing or on other adventures with her kids.






James Dixon


James first started practicing yoga in 2010 after his curiosity (and peer pressure from friends) encouraged him to give it a shot. He was hooked immediately after, and was initially drawn to the challenging and intense routine without the pressure or environment of gyms or team sports. Since then, his practice has evolved and he now views yoga as a vital component for his own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

His teaching is guided by compassion and kindness, as James strives to create an environment that feels safe and accepting for all students participating in his classes - while also challenging students to remain committed to a strong practice in helpful, respectful and light ways. The benefits of a yoga practice are vast and far-reaching, and he wants all students (from their diverse backgrounds and histories) to experience them in their own individual ways. Beginner, advanced, or everything in between, James would be honoured to share his practice with you.



Cindy Wiese


Cindy has been teaching since 2014, after completing the 200hr training course at Hot Yoga on 20th. Her classes are very accesible to all levels and she has a vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology from being an active registered massage therapist in Martensville SK.





Rachelle McHenry


Rachelle has been teaching Hot Foundation classes here since 2014. Deeply dedicated to the practice of Hatha Yoga, she brings joy and kindness to all of her classes. As well as teaching Yoga, Rachelle cares for children at the crisis nursery in Saskatoon.

Such a lovely human being!




Joel Vermette


Joel took the teacher training course here at Hot Yoga on 20th back in 2013. He plays a pivotal role at the studio making sure that any renovations, major or minor, are completed with the utmost quality. He's a very responsible superintendant and fabulous teacher of Hot Yoga! If you haven't been to one of his classes, you certainly should !




Lea Miquilis-McKay


Originally from France, Léa began her yoga journey in 2008 by watching online tutorials as yoga studios didn’t exist yet in her hometown. She attented her first class in a studio when she moved to Saskatoon in 2010, and fell in love right away with the atmosphere. After finishing her 200h training in 2014 here at Hot yoga on 20th she has continued to deepen her yoga practice and expand the scope of her studies in Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha and yoga for kids. She also loves travelling and has had the chance to take lots of classes with many wonderful teachers in different parts of the world.

Lea’s teaching style is fun and creative as she believes humor and yoga are the best tools for a happier life. She hopes that her classes will help others experience for themselves what she already knows in her heart, yoga is peace, love, and self acceptance.


Stephanie Ortynsky


Stephanie is the only teacher trainee that has taken the course twice! After graduating the training in 2015, Stephanie took a job in the far away land of Tajikistan for almost a year. Since then she has been travelling around the world and will be starting classes again in fall of 2017.





Nicole Golden


Nicole Golden teaches a variety of classes including Yin/Dragon Flow/Vinyasa. She also offers Thai Yoga massage at the studio and runs stand up paddleboard retreats at Pike Lake through her company, Golden Adventures. We highly recommend trying out everything she offers.




Nicola Chopin


A lifelong dancer who suffers from hypermobility, Nicola began practicing yoga in 2004 to rehabilitate her many hip, knee, and ankle injuries.  She began practicing at Hot Yoga on 20th in 2010 and has found hot yoga to be the most beneficial style of yoga to improve her joint stability and prevent injuries. She completed Hot Yoga on 20th's 200 hour teacher training with Dallas in 2012 and a 30 hour yin yoga teacher training course with Joe Barnett in 2013.  Nicola loves teaching beginners, is a stickler for healthy alignment, and is a firm believer in building strength and flexibility slowly over time.



Teacher Training

Due to popular demand we started our first teacher training in fall 2010. Our next session starts in Summer 2019.

We recommend that students have at least 6 months hot yoga practice. If you have been practicing at another studio we require a letter of recommendation from your yoga teacher.

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